In some paintings , a lot happens. Colours rumble up to each other , and the intensity is high. Other paintings are quieter, more harmonious and introverted.

In " Structures of Silence " we see how Anne –Mette Nyland approaches painting. Two principles collide: a complex web of tangled branches and an orange circle surrounded by floating egg-shaped forms. Both forms are organic . The tree is powerful and majestic, the egg is fragile, but at the same time protective of the emerging life it contains.
One does not overinterpret, if one sees the two forms , the tree and the egg , as an expression of yin and yang, the male and the female principle in Taoism, a symbol of the inherent of all things. The painting's title can then refer to the calm nothingness of silence, the place where opposites unite, which is the basis of Buddhist philosophy and meditation. Taking into consideration the size of the painting, 2.1 x 2.1 meters , it has a strong physical effect on the observer, seemingly drawing them into the painting.


Also in her other paintings Anne -Mette Nyland works with both the tree as a symbol, and the combination and synthesis of two opposing worlds. Winter meets summer, man meets nature and the phenomena of the physical world meet another dimension that might be called spiritual. It does not really matter in this context. The most important thing is that, in her paintings Anne -Mette Nyland points to, or rather suggests a power that connects all things and holds the universe together. Even though it is not always apparent.


In "Interdependence " a grid of branches spreads rhythmically over a background where a white light beams outwardly and upwards. The light nourishes the organic branches which simultaneously are a symbol of organic life and growth and the interconnectedness of exsistence.


In " Between Words " we see again the contrast between the branches’ intersecting diagonals and other circular organic forms. Here in the shape of a snail shell with its characteristic concentric rings .
Here again, the subdued white brushstrokes are both a pause and the bright silence, that connect the two phenomena. Exactly the invisible and silent power that Anne -Mette Nyland tries to show in all her works.


Therefore, not suprisingly, snow or to be more precise, ice is an important motif for the artist. Everyone knows the silence hanging over a snowy landscape , and for Anne-Mette Nyland, ice  is the perfect symbol for the nothingness of silence, which she wishes to communicate through her paintings. That the cracks in the ice resemble  branches on trees, just make the hidden connections in nature and the universe even more apparent.


As in Simon & Garfunkel’s song "The Sound of Silence", Anne -Mette Nyland, seeks her silence .

This is her manifesto.

Tom Jorgensen, editor, "101 kunstnere", 2014